Tayla Foster

Schools around Sydney have successfully completed their rocky first semester and are charging forward into Term 3 for the start of their final semester of the year. The nightmare of home learning has drifted off into a distant memory and we can confidently state that is to the great delight of parents across Sydney.

Throughout the time of home distance learning, many parents were shocked to find out the levels in which their child had been learning at. It came as shock to parents to learn that their child had been falling behind within their studies. Many parents have come out stating that the home learning regime allowed them to have a clear insight into how their student learns, grasps concepts and just how independently they can work on the various topics set on the NSW school curriculum.

One mother tells Sydney Observer, “I honestly didn’t realise that my daughter’s reading level isn’t up to where it should be. Because I was able to work one on one with her, I have been able to find her a tutor that caters to her learning requirements.” Another concerned parent commented, “If my son had continued to fall behind without my wife or myself being aware, I would never have been able to get him the help in school that he desperately needed. It was certainly an eye opener to check in with my kids and how their studies are going.”

If the onset of COVID-19 has taught us anything, it would be to check in on your loved ones, including the tiny humans we all live with. Don’t just accept the reply of ‘good’ after asking how their day at school was. Without the intervention of home learning, parents would be sending their students to school almost blissfully unaware of their child’s day to day academic struggles.