Tayla Foster

Winter is a time to stay indoors surrounded by family and friends, all spread around the fireplace in comfortable clothes and full bellies. But what can make any day better? DESSERT! Baking and creating beautiful desserts this winter season will bring the whole family together and fill them up with delicious treats.

A Classic –

Who doesn’t love a homemade apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream? It is made from fresh apple and a fluttering pastry that will melt in your mouth. The earthy aromas of sticky apple, cinnamon and lemon sugar is enough to make the driest of mouths water. Accompanied by a warm or cold chocolate thick shake, the homemade apple pie will be a crown favourite this winter season.

Feeling Chocolate? –

Another old favourite, a classic warm chocolate cake with whipped cream! They say you can share love surrounded by cake and with a classic and hearty chocolate sponge cake, what can go wrong? The warm chocolate will fill your hearts and bellies with love and joy this winter, not to mention, give the kids the energy they need to run around.

How Berry Nice! –  

The ultimate apple and blueberry crumble will wow guests at your home this season. Serve with ice-cream, custard or cream for a truly delicious winter treat. With the crumble baked fresh throughout the day tossed with berries, apples and dates and smothered in cream who can say no to such a deliciously filling dessert? Why not wash it down with a glass of milk?

Something Seems Sticky –

A crowd pleaser and everyone’s favourite, sticky date pudding is taken to a whole new level with a  sweet and sticky caramel sauce. Always accompanied by a big dollop of vanilla ice cream and love, the sticky date pudding is the ultimate comfort food for the best of times and the hard times. Relax and feel the love with an all new caramel twist on your sticky date pudding.

Time to go Old Fashioned –

Take a step back in time and try golden syrup dumplings. Just try and resist the fluffy dumplings smothered in sweet syrup and served with ice cream, custard or whipped cream and honey. Battered and deep fried to pure perfection, the golden dumplings will take you back to your childhood favourite treats and remind us of what to pass onto the next generation.