Eliza Cusack

Picture rustic design themes, green floral arrangements and modern wooden panelling. Bringing nature into your home to create that serene outdoor feeling is one of the most beautiful on trend home-decor movements.

There are dozens of options to create a space where you feel more connected to the outside world. Extensive research has shown how being in nature can have a significantly positive impact on relieving stress, and that same can be said for your home. Blurring the lines between nature and your own space can allow you to create a peaceful sanctuary that can positively affect your mind and body. 

One option is to incorporate real flora throughout your home. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overdone, it can be as simple as an oversized pot with an orchid in the bathroom or a bunch of lilies on the kitchen table.

Framed minimalist prints can also add a subtle touch of nature to your home and can act as a statement piece in any room. Using natural materials such as rattan help to lighten up a room and can take the place of heavier materials. Bamboo furniture and items such as wicker chairs and marble benchtops are great for adding texture to a room in your home.

Small accessories such as crystals, rocks and pottery can create the feeling of a serene outdoor sanctuary. Incorporating natural sunlight into your home is another great tip. If you have the opportunity to get larger windows or skylights, it can brighten up your space and also create interesting shadows.

Living and green walls can also transform a room, even if you live in a tiny apartment. These are not only aesthetically pleasing but can even improve the air quality of your home!