Isabella Ross

Do you want to Airbnb your room? Are you interested in impressing the in-laws? Or do you have international friends coming to stay? Whoever the visitors are, a beautiful guest bedroom is an essential to ensure a joyful experience is attained. When it comes to designing any room within the household, there are numerous details that can elevate a space from sufficient to spectacular. So to create a comfortable and inviting ambience for your future guests, let the following guidelines inspire you. 

Cosy and Comfy:

Plush furnishings, soft throw rugs, and clean bedding. These bedroom linens are essential to ensuring your guests’ stay is a comfortable one. When styling the bed, aim to choose quilt designs that echo modern sentiments and a cool-toned colour palette that can be accompanied with an array of decorative cushions.

Be practical with storage

With any travel occasion, the humble suitcase is an intrinsic part of the journey. Having space within your guest room for visitors to hang their clothes and store their luggage is a necessary practicality. Another great staple is having a small portable linen closet, where you can store spare towels, sheets and blankets.

Bedside lighting

In any marvellous five-star hotel, the ambience of the room is characterised by its lighting. Having bedside tables positioned on either side of the bed, along with accompanying twin lamps is fundamental. These statement light fixtures not only have a practical use, but they also serve as design features for your guest room. Opt for bold-patterned lamps and crisp white bedside tables for a modern theme.

Personal touches

One of the best parts of any hotel stay is the little bundle of treats placed neatly on the linen pillows or in the bathroom suite. This personal touch can be easily replicated in your guest room for a budget price. Ideas include some lovely artisan soaps and lotions from the market, a small jar of sweets or even a hot water bottle for the cooler seasons.