Tayla Foster

Breaking the Boredom

School holidays are often yearned for by desperate and exhausted students. The feeling of being overworked and in dire need of some well-deserved TLC is on the minds of all students. Now, let’s turn the tables – the school holidays are the dreaded fortnight that feels like 8 months for parents stuck with their little angels in an enclosed inescapable space. Break the unrolling tension in your household this school holidays by enjoying fun family friendly activities that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Finding Dory

Search for as many little Nemos and Dorys as possible at the Sydney Aquarium. Take a turn for the competitive and challenging side of your children as they tally up who has located and named the most marine wildlife as possible. As they run around the halls and corridors of the Aquarium desperate to beat each other, enjoy a coffee at one of the many cafes located on site. The kids will have the time of their life and tire themselves out by doing it. A win/win factor for both parents and children.

Get Crafty

Whilst quite possibly being the messiest of school holiday fun, give the kids some quiet time to imagine and create with scrapbooking activities. With old family photos, glitter and a chosen theme, you have hours of uninterrupted peace. With paper, scissors, glue, glitter and countless sheets of colourful cardboard, this craft activity will allow the kids time to expel their creative energy.

Cosy on up

Every day does not need to be spent immersing yourself in creative energy or partaking in an aquatic adventure. Why not enjoy some family time with your children and teach them the very adult way of life… binge watching series, of course friendly to all ages, or even enjoying a movie marathon. Of course, these days are best spent lounging around in comfortable clothes and pyjamas!