Isabella Ross

Tan Furnishings:

Warm tones are loved throughout the year with design enthusiasts, especially in the winter months. Now more than every Sydney siders are looking for warmth and an inviting atmosphere in their home, and tan furnishings can most certainly provide this. Armchairs are always a nice go-to – they are much easier to position in a space compared to a sofa.

Essential Home

Pattern and Print:

Be bold and have fun when it comes to your interior. Pattern can be exciting and daunting at the same time, but it is important to remember that there are varying levels of pattern. For example, a bright contrasting print can be overwhelming to some, so look for a pattern with a subdued colour palette instead. Rather than wallpapering an entire section of your living room, instead add touches of pattern. Think coffee tables, cushions, rugs, tiles, or print laminate countertops for a study desk. Be creative and think outside the box!

Black Tapware:

An incredibly unique yet trendy style, matte black tapware is all-the-rage lately in modern bathroom design. Nicely suited with white, slate and navy-blue tiles, black tapware’s theme can be translated across the space, in the form of black-edged mirrors, hair and skincare product bottles, soap dishes and more.

Meir Australia Pty Ltd

Funky Vases:

There is nothing sleeker and simpler than a beautifully crafted ceramic vase. Face vases are all the rage lately. Yes, the name does sound a little kooky, but essentially the vase is in the shape of a bust sculpture, with half the head cut at the top in lieu of soil and flowers. They are actually a lot of fun and spark interest in any room.