Dipti Singh

Yoga has become a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a path of getting inner peace and balance. It is not just about exercise but also of discovering a sense of unity with the self, the world and nature. Yoga can increase wellbeing by changing our habits and building consciousness. International Yoga Day is an event designed to raise awareness about the mental and physical health benefits and spreading happiness globally. The United Nations declared June 21 to be International Yoga Day. Since then yoga communities around the globe are using this opportunity to host special events and yoga classes to feel more connected.

Practising yoga combines breathing exercises, meditation, and poses designed to promote relaxation and stress reduction. There are several different forms of yoga. Hatha Yoga (a combination of several styles) is among the most common type. It is more of a physical kind of yoga than of a quiet, meditative kind. Hatha Yoga focuses on pranayamas (exercises guided by the respiration). These are followed by a series of asanas (yoga postures), which end with savasana (a resting period).

The advantages of yoga provide instant gratification and lasting transformation. Both are extremely important in the fitness world. Yoga can easily improve your physical and mental skills, while preparing your mind and body for long-term health benefits.


Most people usually complain about being unable to sleep properly due to stress. Yoga practise can help you sleep in peace and bring more focus to your life.


Breathing exercises are essential in yoga, as they help with stress management. With inhalation and exhalation techniques, the slow rhythmic breathing patterns help the oxygen to dissolve through the organs and thus make you feel relaxed.


People with stress tend to forget things, as they seem to be disturbed or worried about something. Yoga asanas help to relax the body by overcoming stress and leading to better concentration.


People with bad posture or dysfunctional patterns of movement usually have poor proprioception, which is associated with knee problems and back pain. Practising yoga regularly increases proprioception and improves balance.