Dipti Singh

As the temperature cools down and leaves begin to drop, it doesn’t mean you should overlook your garden and let it hibernate. Winter gardening can sound like quite an unpleasant experience. The weather is unwelcoming and erratic, and the day is shorter, but that doesn’t have to stop you from embracing your green thumb! Gardens need meticulous care in all seasons, with a variety of tasks that require commitment and completion to ensure that gardens are blooming in the spring. For gardeners, winter is a perfect time to stock up, tidy up, secure plants, and prepare ahead.


In Australia, heavy winds and rain pull leaves and bark from trees, spreading them all over the lawns and paving area. Keep yourself busy this winter by raking up leaves, removing twigs and sticks from the ground and pressure spraying to clean up your garden and make it look aesthetically nice.


With the high winds on their way, it is important to inspect all structures in your green space. Make sure your shed and fence are secure and if not, repair it immediately. High winds and cold weather may sometimes cause severe and irreversible harm.


For most deciduous plants, pruning in winter is important because many of them appear to go dormant in the cold weather. Leaving them too long can lead to growing problems and even make your landscape ugly and unattractive. The main goal of pruning is to maintain the overall plant structure and encourage healthy shoots development during the subsequent spring months.


Fertilisation of the garden beds provides essential nutrients for your plants to remain safe and healthy in the cold temperature. Spray lime sulphur or fertiliser on the plants and flowers to perk them up. After fertilising, mulching comes straight on that winter checklist. Winter mulching can help prevent weeds from growing in your yard and for extra protection against the elements apply a blanket of mulch to garden beds.


The cold weather doesn’t seem to keep away the pests from damaging your garden. It is important to keep your garden tidy and safe throughout the winter from these bugs and creatures. Seek out for the natural route and plant pest deterrents instead of using chemical based pesticides.