Dipti Singh

Storyathon is a free online event that encourages years 3-8 grade students from Australia and New Zealand to write a 100-word microstory. With more than 3000 classrooms participating, Storyathon has already proven extremely successful and it has produced more than 50,000 stories to date. Microstories are small narratives that encourage students to refine their vocabulary, play with words, and concentrate on their message. Storyathon wants students to respect writing as much as any other sports, hobbies and how other common activities are valued. Writing a microstory is a learning activity that is very inclusive and accessible as all students have ideas and can easily participate in the microstory challenge. It’s an opportunity where everyone can celebrate great craftsmanship with care.

At the beginning of each school term students are faced with a special online writing challenge to compose a microstory based on a specific theme of exactly 100 words. Participation is flexible as students can join up to 4 times a year or can join in each term. During the term, teachers can pick up to three stories from each class to go through to the finals. This in turn inspires students to read the microstories of other students and actively be involved as the judges for winners of the Storyathon. Microstories can be showcased in the school by including them in the newsletters, framing on the walls, publishing on social media or the school website.

Writing microstories is fun and offers students a chance to relish learning. Participating in Storyathon gives students a focus on writing important features and helps them to write precisely by challenging them to play with words.

Teachers should continue to build an atmosphere where students are motivated to take chances and develop skills that are necessary for future writing. Not to mention it fosters a community of emerging young writers! In this way, an online event that asks students to write short stories can be very useful and enjoyable.

Hurry up! Join Storyathon now and become a word wizard.