Nicholas Grant

Every seasoned traveller will have their checklist full of items which they swear upon bringing to any destination. Here is some inspiration for designing your own personalised travel essentials kit.


It can be tempting to purchase the convenient travel-sized shampoos and conditioners from places such as chemists and airports, however these products are generally poor value for money. Instead, purchase some reusable pump bottles and fill these with your normal haircare products, saving money and keeping your hair looking as healthy as usual. Reusable bottles can be found online or in many chemists, supermarkets, and homeware stores.


When travelling, moisturiser will become your skin’s closest ally. “Flying is incredibly dehydrating and can have lasting effects on your skin,” note Australian Skin Clinics. “Try to re-apply moisturiser regularly throughout flights. The effects of flying don’t stop the minute you touch down and leave the plane, for a few days after your skin may be feeling dry, dehydrated, lacklustre and lifeless.”

Portable Charger

Whether you are out and about exploring a new city, or making connections on a business trip, the last thing you need is your phone to die! A portable phone charger or power bank is a worthwhile investment and can save you from lots of potentially tricky situations. Ensuring you have a charged phone is important for your personal safety too.

First Aid

For obvious reasons, making a small first aid kit should be a priority for any traveller, especially anyone with a health condition. Bandages, band-aids, gauze, surgical tape, tweezers, antiseptic wipes, medications, lip balm, antihistamine creams and basic painkillers are all on the list, according to Matthew Kepnes, author and travel writer. “When carrying any medication, it is essential that it is kept in its original packaging in case customs officials need to check it.”