Dipti Singh

Do you find it challenging to stay organised and be productive at the same time? With examinations approaching, lots of students might be getting stressed thinking about how to manage time better and arrange your days accordingly. Fortunately, technology is here to save the day, as you can download various apps to increase your productivity and be more organised and efficient. Try using these free productivity apps to strengthen study habits that can make a significant, positive difference in how you learn.

1) my Homework Student Planner App

myHomework is a student planner digital app with a calendar that allows you to keep track of your classes, tests, notable events, assignments, and projects efficiently. It is the perfect app to avoid being caught off guard by a deadline.

2) Evernote

A perfect digital notepad app to help you stay on top and organised by keeping track of your work, reminders, and tasks. Evernote is a simple and effective way to create notes in an easy-to-format word processor like text, images, drawings, audio, picture files, web clippings, and more.

3) Exam Countdown Lite

Do you find keeping track of your upcoming exams difficult? Exam Countdown Lite is a free and easy to use app featuring convenient visual reminders of all your important exam and test dates coming up. It helps you to stay focused and motivated with a daily countdown.

4) SimpleMind

Mind mapping is a fantastic method as it helps to organise your thoughts, stimulate your memory, and generate new ideas. SimpleMind is a powerful and intuitive app to build your mind maps if you are a visual learner. The app allows you to brainstorm ideas for projects and essays, create connections with different insights, and create a broader overview of a subject 

5) Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is a flexible and user-friendly ‘Pomodoro Technique’ timer app designed to help you concentrate on your tasks with the high user experience. The app enables you to stay focused by allowing you to set targets, time your study, and monitor progress.