Isabella Ross

Sydney Observer is always excited to showcase a new local business story, and this month’s success comes in the form of Handpipped Vintage by North Shore local Pip Dracakis. Established in 2019, Handpipped Vintage is all about sustainability, with Pip selling pre-loved items online to her enthusiastic audience. Both the business’ website and Instagram provide Pip with the platform to share her passion for vintage styling.

“I love vintage style and this project has been an incredible creative outlet for me. I am passionate about sustainability and dream of a world where everyone shops second hand,” she says.

Perfectly in time for the current cooler climate, Pip has just launched her ESSENTIALS range which is full of winter woollies, designer denim and classic vintage staples. With a focus on natural fibres and effortless style, there is no denying that the collection is not only sustainable but also fashionable! “I want to inspire everyone to work a little vintage into their wardrobe and support the slow fashion movement.”  

There is no denying that second hand has never looked so chic!

To discover more about Handpipped Vintage, visit: or via Instagram at @handpippedvintage