Isabella Ross

The 2020 Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards is set to return this year to celebrate rescue groups and animal shelters in their efforts in saving companion animals. Sydney Observer loves an inspiring local rescue story, and we are sure our readers will too.

North Shore local Chuan Ng and his deaf rescue dog Sasha were last year’s Advocate People’s Rescue Story finalist. Chuan, who works for the Federal Court of Australia, is a volunteer for the Animal Welfare League NSW, where he met ‘Sashabear’ a few years prior. Unfortunately for Sasha, she had been severely neglected by previous owners who used her for illegal breeding.

“Despite how awful her previous life I couldn’t help but notice that Sasha never complained or whinged. She simply ‘lived in the moment’ and was also cheerful. In the period from when we fostered her until now, Sasha taught me that life goes on, despite any adversity you face: to live in the moment. And that was it. We fell in love with Sashabear,” Chuan notes.

Chuan and Sasha wish to raise awareness regarding animal adoption and encourage entries to this year’s Rescue Awards.

“We are so glad that after 5 years of suffering, Sasha now has a loving home and enjoys life. I will always remember the first time I took her to Petbarn and how curious she was to wander the aisles, probably for the first time in her life. In fact, it may be a little too much enjoyment, as (my wife) Monita has spoiled her with food so she is now 6 kilograms heavier than when we fostered her. My family continues to be committed dog lovers. In fact, late last year we got a Cavoodle puppy named Olive to add to the family. Olive is super attached to Sasha. Despite being frightened of unfamiliar dogs, Olive has no problem play fighting Sashabear, who has the softest personality ever, and stealing her chew toy when Sasha is not looking. Both now spend their days enjoying each other’s company and bringing joy into our lives.”

Every year, approximately 190,000 pets remain unclaimed in our country’s pounds and shelters. The Rescue Awards recognises the dedication of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to help rescue pets find homes. The Rescue Awards is a national program managed by Pets4Life, an independent education resource for cat and dog guardians and those thinking of getting a pet. It is the platform to showcase excellence and innovation, thereby raising the standards of rescue groups and animals shelters across Australia.

“The Rescue Awards is more important than ever to put the spotlight on the sector. While rescue organisations are experiencing some of the highest ever adoption rates – PetRescue website has seen more than 12,000 pets adopted in just six weeks – these organisations are also struggling from the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic following the bushfires,” said Rescue Awards founder and pet adoption advocate Cathy Beer.  

Entry details:

Aussies can enter online from 1 May, with entries closing midnight 19 July 2020. To enter, visit and follow the links. Watch a short video to find out what the judges and past winners have to say about the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards.