Isabella Ross

In times of turmoil, we often seek comfort from a range of sources whether it is spiritual, religious, familial or just relaxing and healing. One source of comfort for many is crystals, known for their restorative energy and calming nature. Even though some may raise their eyebrows when it comes to perceptions of crystal energy, others will find peace and positivity – each to their own!

Rose Quartz

The stone of love, rose quartz is a pink stone known for its compassionate qualities and encouragement of unconditional love. So, whether you are going through heartbreak or loss or feel you need a bit of extra love, pop some rose quartz in your home or wear a rose quartz piece of jewellery. 

Lapis Lazuli

A deep celestial dark blue colour, Lapis Lazuli has been around for centuries, including in Ancient Egypt. Yet this stone has more than just beauty. Lapis Lazuli has also been known to alleviate and help with headaches, migraines and sinus hay fever.


A highly ethereal crystal, moonstone is commonly opalescent in colour with a pearly blue undertone. It is also otherwise known as the Menopause Stone. Interestingly, moonstone’s healing properties are associated with relief of stress, digestive issues, water retention and mood swings.


The happy crystal! Citrine is a yellow transparent variety of quartz, said to attract optimism, abundance, joy, warmth and clarity. Energy healers also praise this crystal for promoting motivation and creativity, so a citrine bracelet is one lovely suggestion. So, if you are feeling a little flat and feel like a crystal boost, citrine is your go-to.