Dipti Singh,

The beauty trends are getting better and better each year and in 2020 it’s time to whip your make-up brushes out and take on the challenge of these new beauty trends. As we know, most of the time our shopping carts remain almost full, thanks to must-have launches that pop up every time we turn on our mobile or laptop. The best thing about fashion is that there are loads and loads of trends hitting social media every time a new year starts. One should not be scared or serious about experimenting with different looks and styles and make it enjoyable! That’s precisely why we rounded up the best beauty trends in 2020, from trendy lipstick, colourful eyeshadows to glossy makeup. 


All is going to be bright this year including the mascara that can add a bold pop of colour and a fun tint to your eyelashes. It’s time to ditch the usual black mascara and experiment with various colours. If you are hesitant about coloured mascara, then go for colours that are not too vivid like blue or green. Before applying coloured mascara don’t forget to add a base mascara to make the shades light up better on lashes.


Opt for bright lipsticks as 2020 is all about vibrant shades. Colours such as red, pink, purple, brown, and many others are set to be a major hit in 2020. Bold shades complement all skin tones and stand out. If you are new in selecting such colours, then go for a subtle mauve tone rather than going for berry red just at the start.


Natural-looking sparkling skin has gained traction all over the world as can be seen on the red carpet and all over Instagram. Enhance your skin by using a dewy-finish base with a radiant glow. It’s time for matte addicts to look away, as gloss is back and it’s stickier than ever before. Tons of liquid foundations have an illuminating glow which helps to give your skin a youthful and fresh complexion. 


It may sound odd but if you want to explore then this trend is totally for you. No need to use one eyeshadow colour, you can use two different colours. If your dress is pink and yellow, the eyeshadows can show the same pattern of colour. Choosing bold and vivid eyeshadow adds a surprise element and makes your eyes pop. Try to keep your makeup minimal to make your eyes stand out.