Dipti Singh

Staying in apartments in the city, we all want an alfresco space to chill out. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony at your house, you need to make the most of it. Just don’t get restricted to an outdoor chair and table set – spruce it with some fun and decorative ideas to turn it into a warm, cosy corner. Give the balcony space a tidy fit and make it a place where you want to spend your leisure time. The healthy change of scenery and the benefits of fresh air can make a huge difference.

Balcony Garden

Add some colourful planters packed with small flowers and other varieties to brighten up your space. These planters can be mounted on the railing, floor, and wall. If you have empty pots at your home, you can turn them into something fresh and beautiful by adding a little bit of soil and some fresh succulents.

Multicoloured Upholstery

Brighten up the balcony by adding some zest of colour via your upholstery. But keep in mind which colour you choose, as you want it to uplift your mood and make your space more inviting. You can add colourful cushions, table mats, and rugs to enhance the outdoor décor.

Stylish Seating Choices

Want to step away from the bland table and chair combo? Pick some unique outdoor furnishings to add a bit of flair to your balcony. If you are restricted on size, then opt for a hammock or teardrop-shaped chair or swing, as this will optimise on space.

Green Carpet

If you don’t have natural grass high up in your balcony, don’t worry as you can still get the real feel. Artificial grass carpet can be mounted in your balcony to make it feel like a full garden and can also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Brighten up the Night

No ambient lighting on your balcony? Not a problem. Chances are you might, as most have some holiday lights tucked away in the attic or a shed corner. A lucrative choice is to use fairy lights as they can be wrapped along the sides and corners around the pots and wall. The right lighting can instantly spruce up your balcony without making many efforts.

Cosy Reading Space

Add a unique and quirky element to your space. Accommodate a single mat or large cushion and fill up the space with comfortable textiles and your favourite books. You now have some room for your own personal reading nook!