Dipti Singh

With the world under lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, and stringent restrictions travelling around the world is left in tatters, with closed borders, cancelled flights, and global chaos. Let’s put an end to all the horrible thoughts and be more optimistic about the travel opportunities in the upcoming months. Many of us might be eager to travel around as soon as it’s safe, and now is the perfect time to look forward to your future expiditions. It will at least give us some much-needed enthusiasm. You may need some inspiration to spur your dreams on, so we are here to advise you on a beautiful destination for an authentic stay in the Corinna Wilderness in Tasmania. A perfect place to nurture your senses and a memorable experience that unravels the secrets of the Tarkine Rainforest.

How to Reach

A trip to Corinna Wilderness can be a bit of a twisting 5-hour drive from Hobart, but all the twists and turns are worth it as it is surrounded by incredible wilderness and beautiful habitats. But if you can manage to catch the Spirit of Tasmania from the mainland and drive off the ship at Devonport you can easily get there in around 3-hours. Or from Strahan, it will take only one-and-a-half hours.


About a dozen of one- and two-bedroom cottages are available for the guests. You can also stay in a 100-year-old “Old Pub” with copious rooms suitable for larger families. Campsites are accessible with limited booking and some are available without electricity to create a natural atmosphere. Staying costs start from $175 to $390 per night depending on the type of accommodation.

Water Activities

The Pieman River is suitable for nearly every water sports and cruising experience. Kayaking is an ideal way to discover the river and the tributaries that surround it. Boating, fishing, bird watching, and other nature opportunities are available for guests staying at eco-friendly retreats.


One of the best ways of exploring this untamed landscape is by foot. One of the easiest walks is along the Huon Pine, which is under the cool broad canopy, along a boardwalk. This is a 20-minute stroll by the river’s meanders. After that there is a 90-minute Whyte River Walk that winds its way through the lush rainforest, through the most difficult two-hour Philosopher Falls Walk winding through eucalyptus and myrtle forest to the headwaters of the Arthur River, before a steep descent to a viewing platform next to Philosopher Falls. This is a 4-hour return journey that involves a hike and climbing up Mt Donaldson with magnificent panoramic views.

Food and Drinks

Enjoy local Tasmanian salmon, local beer and wine, honey from leatherwood, hearty fillets from scotch, and homemade soups at the Tarkine Hotel in summers. During winter you can purchase chef-prepared frozen meals or carry your supplies.