Johanna Rumphorst

Are you really experiencing lockdown if you haven’t baked banana bread by now? If you have glanced at social media during lockdown you must have noticed that some of the biggest crazes to quash the quarantine boredom and Coronavirus uncertainty seems to be in food and drink. We agree that with most people now locked down, it is a great time to get into this scene. So, if you want to eat and drink away some time, these three food trends are the most popular on social media right now and are easy to try yourself:

Banana Bread

Of course, banana bread has been popular long before quarantine, but recently it appeared even more frequently on our feeds than usual as people are having more time and inspiration on their hands. There is even a conspiracy theory that banana bread sponsored the pandemic, but we won’t go that far! It’s easy to make and a delicious treat that you can easily turn into a healthy cake if you want to.

For the basic banana bread, you only need ripe bananas, melted butter or coconut oil, baking soda, sugar or sugar substitute, eggs, flour and your choice of milk. You can also personalise as much as you like – we would recommend nuts, dried fruits or chocolate drops. Mix all your ingredients together and bake for about 50 minutes.

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is a South Korean coffee trend that has emerged to be the number one drink trend on social media – especially on TikTok. This whipped style coffee is also really easy to make at home, you only need three ingredients to make it!

To make the drink you will need 2 tablespoons of instant coffee granules, sugar and hot water. Vigorously whip those three ingredients together and the mixture will turn into a thick coffee whipped cream. The easiest way is to use a mixer, but a whisk or even fork works just fine as well. When your coffee consistency is fluffy and creamy, you just need to warm up your choice of milk – add your dalgona coffee on top and voila, your treat is ready!

Use the extra time in the morning or afternoon to treat yourself with a dalgona coffee, you won’t regret it. Your freshly baked banana bread goes perfectly with the drink, a match made in heaven!

Sourdough Bread

If you have reached the ‘making bread phase’ of quarantine by now, then it’s time to make sourdough bread! Whereas dalgona coffee is most popular on TikTok, Sourdough bread seems to be Twitter’s favourite trend. Sourdough isn’t a quick fix like banana bread or dalgona coffee, but some things are worth waiting for.

You can find many different sourdough recipes out there, but for the most simple version you’ll only need white flour, sourdough starter, water, salt and sugar and oil. After kneading your ingredients, leave your dough in an oiled bowl for 5-6 hours. Check on your dough after 2-3 hours and form loaf style shapes then wait for another 2 hours. Bake for 35-40 minutes, let it cool down a bit and then enjoy your fresh bread with some butter!

Cooking and baking often feels like an active form of self-care, so do what makes you feel best – with a dalgona coffee in your hand, banana bread on your plate and a sourdough loaf in the oven.