Dipti Singh

The fast-paced world today is enticing people with an array of food options. Sometimes we eat four portions of a meal without even realising while watching our favourite series on Netflix. Do you recall when you had your meal with an actual conversation without the interruption of a TV or mobile phone? Well, it’s hard to remember. It’s high time to realise that our eating habits have become unhealthy and guilty inducing.

Nowadays, eating has become a thoughtless act, and this can be troublesome for your health. Through eating carefully, you can regain your concentration. Mindful eating is also about increasing your consciousness to achieve complete exposure to your food habits, cravings, and physical signs. Now that you understand what careful eating is and the value of the everyday practice, let’s set out five steps to begin integrating this routine into your daily life.

Reduce portion size

It doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out on your diet. Eat on a smaller plate, as 90% of people consume more food in bigger plates or bowls. You will notice a change in calorie intake by reducing the food size you consume.

Engage the five senses wisely

Mindful eating is a tactile, pleasurable experience. Take time to note and experience all the aromas, textures, tastes and colours of the food. This helps you to be completely present and get the most satisfaction from your meal.

Eat slowly

Eating too much may lead to weight gain and other health issues and the indication of fullness may not arrive until you have eaten too much. It is important to regain your concentration and slow down by eating attentively.

Take a break from electronic devices

Consider shutting off the TV, computer or any other devices while dining. It is found that 71% of people consume more calories while watching television. It is advised to eat without being distracted as it can lead to overeating or indigestion.

Easy weight management

With the help of mindful eating, you can relieve the body’s hunger-alerting mechanism and food cravings with care. If you are mindful about your eating habits of what, where and how much you are eating, there are broader chances that you won’t pick up unhealthy items or stockpile your home with unnecessary food.