Isabella Ross

There is no denying that this year has been unlike no other. Yet us Aussies are a determined bunch, and we will continue to commemorate the sacrifices of those who serve our country, this ANZAC Day. April 25th is a time for all Australians to unite and reflect. So, regardless of current isolation and social distancing measures, there are still plenty of ways that locals can commemorate our ANZACs.

“There’s no doubt that ANZAC Day 2020 will be very different to ANZAC Days of previous years. While we will not be gathering at services or marches, there are still many ways to acknowledge ANZAC Day and ensure Australian servicemen and women are appropriately remembered. Now is the time for all of us to show our ANZAC Spirit, including ingenuity, and we welcome the many and varied ideas that have been embraced by the community. Any activity that respectfully shows commemoration and thanks is most welcome,” said Ray James, Acting President of RSL NSW. The RSL body has shared a few simple ways Aussies can commemorate during this time of change and resilience.

Ray James, Acting President of RSL NSW

1.Take Part in the Community Ode.

Record a video of yourself reciting The Ode or sharing a message of gratitude and support for our veterans via social media. Participants are also encouraged to use the hashtags #ANZACspirit and #lightupthedawn.

2.Light up the Dawn.

Turn the TV on or listen to the radio for a brief commemorative service. ‘Together – even while apart – we’ll remember those who served and sacrificed.’ At 5:30am there will be a streamed service from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. For those wishing to wake up a bit later, there is a 10am virtual service from the ANZAC Memorial in Sydney that will be broadcast live with more details to follow.

3.Keep Mateship Alive.

During this time of physical isolation, it is important not to socially isolate. Reach out to your mates and loved ones, especially veterans, who may be feeling lonely. All it takes is a call to show someone you care.

4.Donate to the ANZAC Appeal.

Donations continue to help Aussie veterans and their families who are in need, particularly those still feeling the aftermath of their experiences in combat. Donate now at or for more information, visit