Dipti Singh

Plenty of thoughts flow in your mind when it comes to decorating a house. But the main character that stands out is the will to offer warmth and relaxation. It is better to stop running behind the hottest trends and give life to your home by infusing it with some creativity and uniqueness. Think out of the box and try to create an eclectic mix of patterns, colours, texture, vintage style, and furniture that can be thrown together effortlessly to create an inclusive and entirely laid-back atmosphere. Decorating your house in Bohemian style is becoming carefree, embracing inner individuality, breaking traditional laws on interior design and you can achieve a bohemian décor without having to spend a lot of money.

1. Blend Colours and Patterns

The secret to a great bohemian decor scheme is colour. Don’t be shy about splashing colours from pinks, purples to oranges, and greens all over your house as the bolder is better. Fill your rooms with exciting designs, diverse patterns like geometric versus animal prints, beautiful wall panels, original artworks, and tapestries.

2. Low-seating Furniture

Give the pricey leather sofas a toss and choose lightweight and durable furniture options. The boho style consists of sitting back, chilling out and relaxing. Add floor pillows, poufs, comfortable ottomans, and bean bags as they all are perfect low-level seating choices and invites people to sit down for a while and linger.

3. Layered Rugs

Layering rugs provide an additional chance to blend patterns, textures, and colours. It makes a room feel more intimate by creating a visual focus on the room’s middle. Seek out to lay a softly patterned antique rug over a natural jute fibre or different layer of rugs within the same family of colours.

4.Plush Greenery

The tranquil atmosphere of Bohemian style design can be exquisitely accompanied by lots of lush green foliage in the room. It not only adds colour and texture but is ideal for establishing the free-spirited atmosphere. Choose from cultivated succulents, compact potted vines, shrubs, cacti to tropical ferns, and floor-to-ceiling palm trees that can add appeal in their own funky way.

5. Chic Lighting

Forget about the lavish chandeliers and elegant lighting. Decorate your room with decorative handmade lamps or Moroccan design lanterns and lights that provides a fascinating focal point and offers the bohemian décor its iconic look.