Isabella Ross

Sydney’s Upper and Lower North Shore are some of the most sought-after locations for home buyers. Yet with most houses on the North Shore excelling in terms of presentation and care, it is important for home sellers to consider the worth of a professional property stylist. Cordony Designs emerged in 2013 as a full-service Property Styling, Project Management (preparing home for sale), Maintenance and Interior Design Company, with Director Kahlia Cordony paving the way. Sydney Observer sat down with Kahlia to discuss the ins and outs of property styling.

“During my time working in the Real Estate industry, I had the opportunity to observe potential purchaser’s initial reactions to a home. Noticing the impact, a styled and prepared space could have on a person’s first impression, I began to visualise how to better present homes and how to assist vendors in this process as there was not a proper offering within the industry,” notes Kahlia. “The psychology of how a space can make you feel by implementing the right or wrong thing is just fascinating. Preparing your home for sale or for lease is about capturing the broadest market possible which will in turn create more interest and competition. This will ultimately be a sure sign into ensuring you achieve the best possible result. By prompting imagination that buyers are already placing their furniture into the space conjures emotional attachment to the home they are viewing.”

How to Style and add Value to your Market Property:

  • Simplify and declutter.
  • Depersonalise by taking down certificates and portraits.
  • Borrow or purchase some fresh bed linen, cushion covers and towels.
  • Add life with plants and a candle – especially if it is a vacant property, as this will give the space ambience.
  • Undertake repairs – unfinished or neglected repairs can make buyers hesitant as they consider the additional hassle they will incur. 
  • Integrate some of your own furniture so the final looks homely instead of a showroom. 
  • Consider easy and affordable options like resurfacing bathrooms and kitchens rather than doing a full renovation as it may not add as much value as you anticipate. 

What is Currently Trending in Interiors?

  • Grey-based tones are still going strong.
  • Using neutral tones including black as your big ticket items (lounges, coffee tables, side tables, dining tables) and then adding colour and pattern through soft furnishings.
  • Emerald greens and blues are always received well. We are also seeing muted tones like dusty pinks, dirty terracotta’s and oranges.

To keep up to date with Kahlia Cordony and the business, visit them on Instagram @cordonydesigns