Isabella Ross

Us Aussies love our furry friends. With our country having one of the largest pet populations globally, there is no wonder that many renters seek pet-friendly rentals. Here to break down the benefits that landlords can obtain by promoting their rentals as pet-friendly is Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia.

“It just makes good economic sense that landlords and property investors consider allowing their properties to become pet-friendly. Sadly many pet parents feel forced to lie about their pets to gain access to rental accommodation. Landlords and investment owners should not be afraid to ask what type of pet they are allowing on their property and put in steps to protect that investment,” Ms Crighton says. “Also talk to other pet-friendly land-owners and seek advice on how to make it work for you.” With approximately 24 million pets distributed across 62% of Australian households, it is time for landlords to seriously consider the growing demographics, says Ms Crighton. “With statistics like this, that are only increasing each year, the need for more pet-friendly accommodation in our major cities is a must.”

The benefits according to Pet Insurance Australia:

Longer Tenancy – statistically, pet owners are more likely to stick with their rental property for longer as it is challenging to find another suitable space that will allow entry of their pet.

Larger Choice of Tenants – with so many households now pet owners, allowing their furry friends can open up a much larger market of lodgers looking to rent your investment.

Honesty – if you allow pets, there is no need for your tenant to sneak them into the property. This also facilitates a better relationship and mutual respect between property manager and the tenant.

Responsible Tenants – the vast majority of pet owners are very responsible, given the countless tasks and care they give towards their pet. By doing so, pet owners can highlight how well they can take on responsibility, including the preservation of your rental home.