Isabella Ross

Cozy Cushions:

Comfortable and tactile furnishings remain a staple for the cooler seasons. In terms of colours, there has been a big push toward berry-toned hues as of late. Another colour palette booming in popularity during 2020 is Dulux’s Indulge scheme, labelled as ‘the perfect antidote to our busy, high-stress lives, finding the rose-tinted glasses to reignite our romance with hearth and home.’ So, be bold with this decadent colour choice of rich reds and muted earthy tones.

We are loving these plum red and pink velvet cushions from Mint & May.

Luscious Leaves:

Perhaps a little obvious, as we all know, leaves are often synonymous with the autumn season. Yet they are so trendy currently, with most gift and homeware stores selling some variety of leaf-printed paraphernalia. Plantation prints, such as the Monstera and Banana leaf are arguably the most common. However, they are more often than not seen in a green tone. Whether it’s a wall hanging, key holder bowl, the base shape of a lamp, a cushion or even a mirror frame, there are so many homeware items boasting this fabulous icon.

This Gingko Leaf Wall Mirror by AUDENZA is unlike anything we have seen before.

Mood Lighting:

Since the indoors is becoming our haven, the perfect mood lighting is always a great way to add depth and ambiance to the home. Options include an antique lamp, a set of candles, and a lantern with a tea light or even a warm crackling fireplace. Picture a rainy night, cozying up on the couch with a good book, snack in hand and the candle or low-lit lamp giving the surrounding walls an amber glow. It really is a comforting thought.

These Moroccan lanterns from Lights4Fun are a great option.

Fresh and Fabulous Drinkware:

As the temperature drops, our cups of warm coffee and tea increase. Lots of us are guilty of purchasing something new for our wardrobe consistently, yet our kitchenware and drinkware are left looking forlorn and stale. Now is the perfect time to invest in some new appliances. Opt for a colour that will suit the rest of your kitchen. For example, if you have a predominantly timber kitchen then a plain white kettle is the way to go. If your kitchen’s design lies on more of the darker cabinetry or all white, then you may as well make a statement piece of your chosen kettle. Drinkware is also important to think about – what will complement your dining room table, be easy to store away and simple to clean – while still looking cool of course!

Kitchen Craft’s clever and creative drinkware set is definitely on our wish list.