Nicholas Grant

Puffer Jackets:
Puffer jackets can be a practical and trendy option for keeping warm during the cooler months. They offer fantastic protection from the elements and are easily found across menswear brands in a range of different colours and styles. This means that puffer jackets are versatile enough to suit your personal vibe, whether it be professional, sophisticated, outdoorsy or quirky.

Layering is a reliable way for you to self-regulate your heat, which can be especially important throughout Autumn. Men should be inspired by the opportunity to combine different items from their wardrobe. A layered outfit often feels and looks more complete. Neutral tones work best when layering, although a bold-coloured piece can also be included – just don’t go overboard! Be sure to include some variety in the textures you choose to combine.

Leather and Vintage:
Despite being an often ignored piece of the styling process, men’s accessories are becoming increasingly popular and trendy. Earthy-toned items are the most suitable during this season, with materials like brown leather (or faux leather) working well for watches, belts and wallets. Jewellery is also on the rise for men, particularly wearing bracelets and rings as they can be a great way to add some additional flair to an outfit. Vintage sunglasses have also been given new life recently, and even though the weather may be more overcast, it could be worth investigating these at a recycled or vintage clothing store.