Barre Classes:

Barre-based exercise uses a combination of postures inspired by the ballet beam that consist of small, isometric movements. Unlike a ballet dance class, anyone can take part in barre says local trainer Anja Lineen. “With each isometric movement, you target the tiny muscles that often get ignored if you are sticking to single-plane movements or standard cardio. These exercises improve posture, increase flexibility, have a very low injury risk and almost no barrier to entry meaning anyone from any background can do them.”


There’s nothing quite like a sauna to help you sweat in the cooler months, with health benefits and relaxation an added bonus. Saunas are also great for relieving stress as they promote the release of endorphins. So next time you’re feeling a bit stressed from work, or to reward yourself after a big session at the gym, head to a sauna and sit back, soothe your muscles and mind, and soak up the many perks of this treatment.

Gratitude Diaries:

Gratitude and gratefulness have the ability to change your life. Starting a gratitude journal will help you become thankful for each moment, and may even give you a different outlook on tough situations. Try writing down three things you are grateful for in the morning or before bed. Whether it is friends, the sunset or having a job, there is always something to be thankful for.

Good Fats:

When people talk about ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ fats it can be a little confusing. With such a difference between the two varieties, good fats are understandably the preferred option. According to the Heart Foundation, healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help to lower your cholesterol and risk of heart disease. So, to live a long and prosperous life, make sure to get an optimal balance of good fats into your diet. Fish oil tablets have also been found to have a myriad of benefits. Salmon, avocado, tree nuts, olive oil and dark chocolate are all great options that are high in good fats.

SUSTAGEN for Seniors:

For many Aussies, bone health and energy function become bigger priorities with old age. SUSTAGEN® Hospital Formula has been a staple for numerous seniors for over 3 decades. Filled with lots of vitamins, protein and minerals, the nutritious drink formula is available in many delicious flavours. Available in the health aisles of supermarkets and chemists, SUSTAGEN is also often used by patients enduring illness and recovery who require extra nutrition. Before introducing anything new into your diet, it is best to seek advice from an accredited practising professional.

Soothing Sounds:

Studies have found that natural sounds help calm us down, as they are perceived by our brains as nonthreats. Water in particular, be it the flow of a stream or pitter-patter of rainfall works much like white noise. It is a constant sound that we tend to tune out. The ebb and flow of a tide is a familiar, comforting pattern, much like the rhythm of one’s breathing: in and out, in and out. The crashing of waves on the shore, though loud, are the result of a steady build up. They do not disturb us, unlike a sudden, peaking sound.