Isabella Ross

Plush Pillows:

Regardless of the season, plush pillows are always a staple in any bedroom! A nice variety of adornments are a great way to show effort in your design. It does not have to be dozens, rather a selection of different textures and harmonising colours.

Lemon and Lime Ocean:

Summer is all about delicious tropical fruit, a dip in the ocean and a nice balmy breeze with the warm sun. Why not emulate the summer vibes into your interior! Fluorescent citrus may be a tad loud, so opt for understated lemon and lime tones with a base of soft blues and crisp whites.

DIY Touches:

There are countless ways to add a touch of originality and personality into your bedroom. Perhaps a make-your-own pot plant with a teapot, or even a vintage truck or empty candle jar. Another great touch is to add new handles to your cupboard doors.

A Touch of Floral:

Orchids are a personal favourite – elegant yet understated. Or a glossy leafed Zanzibar is another ideal option, particularly because the plant variety does not need to be watered often. The aim is not to make the space to feminine – rather just inject some life and greenery into the room. A little plant or two, along with lots of sunlight will make the room’s design sing!