Isabella Ross

When it comes to the latest and greatest fitness fads whirring around social media, it can be a challenge deciding on the right routine. Taking expert advice from trained professionals is always the way to go. In comes Tiffiny Hall, previous Biggest Loser trainer and founder of health and fitness program TIFFXO. And lucky for our readers, she has a new workout on the market!

It’s not just the quickest way to get beautifully toned, it finally destroys the myth that strength training and lifting weights will make you bulky. Perfect for people on the move who live busy lives, this workout aims to deliver impressive results in optimal time. A ground-breaking new workout series by Tiffiny, HYPER shows its participants how to train and sculpt their bodies. So, to get lean and become a fighting machine, why not give it a go?

Tiffiny Hall posing with boxing gloves.


What is HYPER?
This workout uses weights and a resistance band to build lean muscle and superior strength in less than 20 minutes. Resistance training has gained momentum in the fitness world, as it is one great way to shape the body and define the arms, buttocks and legs.

What can you expect from HYPER?
More reps, lighter weights and each level will be targeting a specific body part. Unlike the classic themes that Tiffiny is known for, there are no martial arts in this program. Rather, there will be a resistance band to magnify your workouts. After years of research and training, Tiffiny developed HYPER to take your body toning to the next level!

The Importance of Exercise:
Keeping your mind, body and soul active is incredibly important. Exercise is like a three-in-one option for many, as when undertaking active movement, the body releases endorphins, which of course, are well known for having a positive effect on mood levels. So to maintain a sense of balance, HYPER is always an option you can consider.