Isabella Ross

Long gone is the stereotype that the older generation has been left behind in technological advancements. With more accessibility, knowledge, tutorials, beginner’s guides and more resources available, our Aussie seniors are becoming incredibly tech-savvy in their own right. Below are all the latest apps specialised for oldies, as well as places people can go to further their skills and hi-tech prowess.

Council-led tutorials for seniors:

  • Tech Savvy Seniors 2019 in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean: This program will assist seniors from English and non-English speaking backgrounds who have limited or no previous experience in using technology to learn new skills for the future. The training is free and will help older people to access information and stay connected. Run by Willoughby Council, at Chatswood Library, The Concourse.
  • Tech Savvy Seniors, Installing Apps on an Apple Device: This class is for people that want to learn how to install apps on an iPhone or an iPad. This class will also show you how to choose and install apps to help you in everyday situations. Run by Macquarie Community College in Carlingford.
  • Parramatta Computer Pals for Seniors: These classes are run by a non-profit organisation offering a wide variety of technology classes conducted in small groups
    by seniors and for seniors. All seniors are welcome for a low-cost price. Run by Parramatta Computer Pals, at Parramatta library.

Puzzle Apps:

A popular activity with seniors, puzzles are a great way to keep the mind functioning and active. Studies from Alzheimer’s Australia have revealed the benefits puzzles like jigsaws, crosswords and sudokus can have. Other than supporting cognitive function, apps like such are ideal to also keep busy when feeling lonely or bored. Scrabble is always fun to play, and it is available digitally on the Apple Store, as well as Peak, and WordBrain, apps that were designed specifically to train the brain.

Green thumb Apps:

A common popular pastime amongst oldies is gardening – a great way to keep active, show pride in your home and keep the mind busy. The Garden Planner is a personal favourite, perfect for gardeners who enjoy edible gardens with veggies, herbs and fruits. It will help you know what to plant from seed to harvest, along with necessary upkeep reminders such as watering and fertilising. The Better Homes and Gardens app is also a fantastic choice – offering subscribers inspiration, expert advice and tips and tricks.

Health Apps:

Going to the doctors is important, but it is often the case that seniors find going to seek help challenging whether it is for financial or location reasons. It is important to stress the necessity for professional help, but apps are an additional method that can be of great use for monitoring purposes. Medisafe is one of the most popular apps in the demographic of seniors, thanks to its programmed medication reminders. The Blood Pressure Monitor is a handy tool to have on your smart device, as well as wellbeing-incentivised apps like Headspace and Smiling Mind.

Music Apps:

Songs and music hold great meaning in our lives – they provide entertainment, can resonate emotionally and can be shared with loved ones. For many seniors who enjoy tunes from their earlier days, it can be challenging to find stations on the radio suited to their taste. Golden Days Radio Australia plays music requested frequently by seniors. The Podcast App is also a great choice if you are interested in talk shows regarding specific topics such as politics, science, art and history.

Handy Tool Apps:

In old age, simple and handy tools are always a lifesaver. The Magnifying Glass with Light App is one, as we all want to ensure no one trips up the stairs in the darkness of the night. It is also suggested to take full advantage of the Google Maps app on all iPhones, as there is nothing worse than getting lost in a big city like Sydney!

Food Apps:

Cooking is not everyone’s favourite task. One of the great things about the digital realm is that we all now have access to apps such as UberEATS – platforms which can deliver us food at the touch of a button. In times where health is not ideal, time is running short or you just do not feel like preparing food, this app can come in handy. For those who get a kick out of cooking, there is a plethora of apps that have lots of yummy meal ideas like Tasty and recipes.