Tita Smith

Make a Kite

With the windy weather picking up, making a kite is the perfect craft activity for the autumn school holidays. Not only are they affordable and simple to make, once the kids have assembled and decorated them, they will have a new exciting toy to be proud of and play with for the rest of the holidays.

For step-by-step instructions, click here.


Build an Indoor Blanket Fortress

Transform any room into a magical clubhouse with the help of spare sheets and blankets, elevated furniture limbs and laundry pegs. In an instant, a whole new world is formed. Ordinary hobbies such as reading and drawing turn into magic when completed from within the walls of hung-up sheets.

Treasure Hunts

To hone in their skills for upcoming Easter egg hunts, create a backyard treasure hunt for the kids. Write each child an inventory, (with pictures, words or clues depending on their age), and give them a basket to collect their items. This activity will get their hearts racing and bodies moving through sheer fun before they even realise that they are exercising.

Family Board Game Tournament

Initiate some friendly competition and family bonding by organising a family board game tournament. Write up a list with games that are familiar to everyone and decide who will play against who, and when. Set aside time for games to played and put the list on the fridge. Each family member will now have one-on-one time together during the holiday season.