Tita Smith

The verdict is in – health is here to stay. With 2018 setting a new standard for health and sustainability, 2019 is looking to expand and evolve on this movement. Surrendering to the seasons this year will be easy, with Sydney Observer
showcasing the latest food and wine trends.

This gut-happy health trend is set to soar in 2019. Packed with probiotics and good stomach bacteria that aids in digestion, this trend has also recently been found to benefit mood and stress levels. For DIY fermenting ideas, click here, for a head start to happy eating!

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Plants, and more plants:
The meat-free movement is still making waves, with the Lancet Commission recently announcing its ‘planetary diet’, which encourages optimum nutrition and environmental sustainability. Maximising our vegetable intake whilst reducing meat is the best way to combat the effects of climate change induced by the agriculture industry, while our bodies are also nourished with an array of nutrients. Expect to see more plant-based proteins hitting menus as 2019 takes charge of protecting the planet. For more information, click here.


Think Local:
Environmental consciousness is moulding consumer habits as local produce suppliers become first choice. With fuller flavours and more nutrients, local shops are the go-to for better health and a better local economy.

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Exciting news for wine enthusiasts as more domestic rosѐ rolls onto the shelves, with cava pushing prosecco out. Expect to see more Italian, Spanish and Portuguese wines poured into glasses. For more information, click here.



As we get ready to swap the summer sun with an autumn breeze, homemade meals are another trend that will enter the kitchen this year. Keeping up with health and environment concerns, eating at home is a great way to manage what is going into your food. Not to mention- it is delicious. Soup anyone?! See here for some homemade recipe inspiration.

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