Isabella Ross


There is no question that travelling to other countries and visualising their sense of design can be a captivating experience. Providing you with a multitude of cultural aesthetics to marvel in, incorporating elements from different cultures into your décor has become a prominent trend. When you hear ‘Moroccan design’ think bright colour palettes, bohemian textures, Arabesque lamps, ottoman seating and even exotic features tiles. As well as home interiors, Moroccan-inspired décor has also become widely popular in boutique bars and cafes around metropolitan Sydney.

Bohemia Design Limited


A creative yet edgy way to liven up any space in the home, metallic features have remained a prevalent movement in interior design. With rose gold and copper being two of the more popular finishes, metallic accents can be added anywhere; whether it be the door handles, lamp stands, bathroom fixtures and even lounge legs!

Sweetpea & Willow


A tedious yet practical task, the season to thoroughly de-clutter your house has arrived. Yet it is important to remember that the ultimate satisfaction of having a tidy and welcoming environment is worth the labour. Spring and Summer are the perfect opportunities to clean all those nooks and crannies usually ignored, as well as letting fresh air circulate. Creating a checklist of duties, cranking the radio up and organising unnecessary clutter is the best way to ensure the task is executed efficiently and in a positive manner.


Getting touchy-feely with your décor choices is an irresistible pastime, allowing you to transform a standard ‘showroom house’ into a comfortable and inviting space. During winter, velvet was a popular fabric on both the runway and design spectrum, but now that spring has officially sprung it is time to move towards more organic textiles. The natural touch and knotting of timber grain can feature really well on bench tops, coffee tables, floorboards and more. Bohemian Pom-Pom furnishings have also become a vibrant and enticing décor trend this month, looking marvellous in kids bedrooms or statement cushions.

Shakiraaz Homewares


With the warmer weather comes tropical fever! Bringing the outside in is always a great way to implement a tropical-style design. With lively pops of citrus and ocean hues it is one of the easier design trends to adopt in the home. All it takes is an accent metallic pineapple, some ferns in weave baskets, brightly coloured cushions and a source of natural light to create a space that your guests are sure to envy.

Penelope Hope