Marlene Even

The Grace Cossington Smith Art Awards have officially been announced, along with the launch of their 2018 exhibition. The gallery holds a biennial award for art that responds to the concept of ‘making connections’. This year three winners were announced from a shortlist of 37 incredible artists.

The well-deserving Catherine O’Donnell won the prestigious Grace Cossington Smith Art Award for her artwork Yates Court.

Catherine’s award-winning work of art, Yates Court.


“Catherine’s representation of her subject creates a universal connection to the urban environment that is humanised and layered with mystery through her rendering of the curtains and window spaces,” stated judges Alison Clark and Dominik Mersch.

The Local Artist Award was also presented, this year going to Stephen Hall for his artwork Asking Answers Revealing Questions Punctuating with Sighs. The judges commented that the artwork had a “strong narrative that is personal yet speaks to us all through his expressive line.”

Mr Hall’s winning submission for the Local Artist Award


Another amazing contender was Jane Theau, who received the Early Career Artist Award for her marvellous artwork In Touch. Ms Theau works largely with textiles, with the centralised aim to create and promote sustainable art.

“Jane Theau has observed the interesting connection of contemporary society and their mobile devices,” declared the judges.

Ms Theau’s marvellous creation, In Touch.


The local exhibition featuring the winners and finalists’ work will be on display at the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery in Wahroonga until 24 November. Make sure to check it out!

For more information on this outstanding exhibition, visit the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery’s website.