Isabella Ross

Dressing to your body shape is ideal when it comes to swimwear. If youth and confidence are still to your taste then why not opt for the classic bikini. For those who are uncomfortable with showing their midriff, a tankini is a great bathing-suit option. Also on the market are swimwear skirts, a modest yet stylish piece for women who don’t feel the appropriate age to be wearing a garment too skimpy. With lots of fabulous and good-quality brands currently stocking all sorts of swimwear styles, here is Sydney Observer’s guide to what is in fashion currently when it comes to beach-wear attire!


Off-the-shoulder styles

Making a comeback in the fashion world is the off-the-shoulder style, with numerous swimwear brands now incorporating the style into their designs.


Sunshine Patterns

With summer around the corner now is the perfect time to experience with warm, sunny tones. Mixing florals or patterns with sunshine colours is currently on-trend.


Bandeau Silhouettes

Seamless and sexy, bandeau tops ooze sophistication. The best aspect of this design is that it can be incorporated into any swimwear style – a tankini, bikini or even one piece.


Monochrome Magic

Effortless for any age, monochrome prints are a must-have in all wardrobes this season. Paired perfectly with a swimwear skirt in any shade, black and white bathers are sure to make a statement.