Marlene Even

An inner-city art studio is heading to the North Shore, as part of an ongoing collaboration between the two art communities. Abbotsleigh’s art gallery is proudly linking with contemporary inner-city art spaces, in their dual role to inspire the community and provide rich learning experiences for students. Artists based at Square1 Studio in Alexandria will present their work at the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery’s Lifeblood exhibition.

2018 Photography by for Gareth Jenkins


The exhibition will display snapshots of Square1 Studio’s community, and celebrate the North Shore’s beauty and creative history.

Sydney’s North Shore has been a tranquil home to some of Australia’s best-known artists, including
Brett Whiteley, Tony Tuckson, Lloyd Rees, Margaret Preston and Grace Cossington Smith.

By Megan Hales: Dust Collectors Crystal, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, enamel


The director of the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery, Mary Faith says, “The link to inner-city art communities allows us to see what artists are currently working on and thinking about, and often they are involved with deep research.”

North Shore artists “are often represented by the many inner-city galleries and appreciate the busy
changing art scene,” Mrs Faith says.

The two communities’ shared passion for art is set to flourish as the conversation flows this October.
The ‘Lifeblood’ exhibition is held from 6-27 October with free admission.