Isabella Ross

Our love for brunch is definitely here in Sydney, with aesthetic-looking pancakes, avocado toast and colourful breakfast bowls fulfilling our wildest dreams. Sampling the delicious delights from one café to the next, here is a guide to the best brunch spots here in Sydney.

The Boathouse Balmoral:

The mouthwatering menu of Mosman’s favourite café can be enjoyed in accompaniment with the beachside view of the Esplanade’s Balmoral Beach. The café caters to all, with kid-friendly banana bread and fruit salad options, champagne breakfasts for couples, and healthy muesli and green juice options for gym junkies. It is a spot cherished by the whole North Shore community; therefore it is commonly busy so aim to arrive early to ensure parking and seating is available. The Balmoral Boathouse’s avocado and tomato toast with fresh basil, feta and lemon is a favourite to all.


Courtesy of the Boathouse Group Instagram

Flower Child Café:

Located in the bustling shopping centre of Chatswood Westfield, Flower Child Café is the idyllic brunch spot for the savvy photographer. Set in a glasshouse with lush greenery hanging from the ceiling, this café is definitely a unique spot filled with aesthetic visuals. The menu caters to a diverse range of dietary needs, with gluten-free and vegan options available to ensure there is something delicious for every person. The cold drip filtered coffee and French toast topped with salted toffee, baked pecans and fresh berries is the perfect order for those looking for an artistic and delicious brunch.


Courtesy of the Flower Child Café Instagram

The Incinerator Café:

With a fresh menu, this community favourite continues to wow customers with its outstanding food designed primarily around seasonal produce. The ground floor of the old Willoughby Incinerator is the backbone of the cafe, with its rustic interior continuing to echo the building’s history. The menu is predominantly vegan, with nutritious options abundant for those conscious of their health when looking for the perfect brunch destination. The Green Breakfast Bowl and cold-pressed juices are great for that after-workout treat.


Courtesy of the Incinerator Instagram

The Grounds of Alexandria:

The Grounds have been a brunch staple in Sydney for years, with its heavenly brunches and pastries and picturesque garden surroundings captivating the hearts and stomachs of all. With some of the best coffee beans known in Sydney, The Grounds of Alexandria is the perfect place to marvel in caffeine, with coffee tasting boards and deconstructed ice coffees being highlights in any brunch experience. Go for brunch early to ensure seating and parking is available. For the ultimate Sunday ‘big brekkie’ feast filled with spiced chorizo, cherry tomatoes, poached eggs, halloumi and so much more, head to the Café at The Grounds of Alexandria.


Courtesy of The Grounds Instagram