Isabella Ross

Working from home has numerous advantages, including flexible hours, no commute labour and more time to spend with the family. Yet, by not having a dedicated office to work from, the boundaries between home and work life can blur, impacting significantly on your performance ability. Here are some tips and tricks to create a more comfortable space that encourages productivity, focus and your creative juices to flow!

Let there be light
Studies have shown that a well-illuminated workspace can impact on creativity and learning, so capitalise on the benefits of natural light in your home office. If possible in your workspace, embrace your windows as this can create a balanced ambience and boost a positive mood. Decorating your space with lamps is also a great tip, as it is an aesthetic feature that is primarily functional.

Get the desk of your dreams
If working primarily from your home office, investing in a comfortable desk and accompanying chair that you love is integral. In the workforce, the vast majority of office time is spent sitting at your desk so consider health and posture when purchasing your furniture. The sit and stand style of desk has increased in popularity recently due to the their height adjustability.

Embrace creativity
When designing the workspace, opt for colours that compliment each other rather than busy patterns that are distracting. Cool colour schemes are ideal for creating a calm and cohesive environment, such as blue and green shades, which can be associated with performance enhancing properties. Having a pale grey feature wall, sand-coloured wooden desk, blue statement chair and leafy green plants is one way to achieve this style.

Organise and function
Regardless of your chosen occupational field, organisation epitomises success for those working at home. Labelling, filing, creating functional storage and using the right home office equipment will all translate to an efficient space that meets all of your needs. To sort out the dreaded paperwork, magazine holders, filing cabinets or small trays can keep your work area neat and add a pop of colour too.

Make it personal
Having the luxury of working from home, you have the ability to personalise your office as you please. Design an inviting and intimate space by adding framed pictures, a favourite artwork or anything that expresses who you are as an individual. Since your home office is your own private space, make sure to give it the star treatment.