Brooke Fryer

Tech savvy cafes are recognising that their audience no longer lies solely on Facebook, with 5 million active monthly users on Instagram, they have now shifted their focus to catch the wider attention of all customers.

With social media now more popular than ever, many people turn to these platforms as a first place of call to discover a new café, cool cocktail joint or burger stand. It is now crucial that small business owners jump on the social media bandwagon.

Social media has been a way to promote for years with positive results starting to show, leading hundreds of customers to up-and-coming café joints. This means, showing off a business with photography angles and edits that draw people in. From here comes the possibility of customers posting photos on their personal accounts, further promoting the business.

Putting in 20 minutes a day to post, engage with your customers, promote and comment on other people’s photos can help get the business name out there and provide more chances for people to come across it.

Building up a reputable online profile may seem like an overwhelming task, especially when there’s popular Instagram accounts such as Macquarie Park’s Vogue Café. Every business, when enough time is invested, can stand out from the rest.

Many businesses use Instagram hashtags to draw in an audience, whilst others promote their page on Facebook for a small investment of $4. By posting constantly, potential customers and a wider audience are likely to be more attracted to the content and in-turn are more interested in becoming a customer. Whilst posting constantly is a great start, engaging with the audience is also crucial in maintaining an online profile. By commenting, replying and building a relationship with the audience, followers will only grow.

There are a number of benefits that come with using social media to promote an up and coming business. The most obvious one being revenue, more time invested in the social media world, the more people will be attracted to a new business. Attracting customers can be done through giveaways and deals. Customers are more willing to see the engagement as more than a one-sided relationship with a business. Social media is also good for small businesses as owners are able to view the competition and take inspiration from their community.

If you are an up-and-coming business owner, try jumping on board the social media wagon in efforts to improve revenue and customer engagement.