Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic medicinal practice that has recently found its way into mainstream Western society. It is has been touted as one of the best ways to remove bacteria and promote a healthy mouth and body. Despite the practice taking some time to gain popular traction, the simple process of swilling oil each day has been scientifically proven to provide an extremely effective oral detoxification.

Most commonly done with coconut oil, oil pulling works by cleaning and clearing out the oral cavity in a similar way that soaps and detergents clean grease from dirty dishes. The oil quite literally draws out the filth and toxins from your mouth, leaving behind a clean, antiseptic oral environment that promotes healthy immune function.

The Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine recently highlighted a study that looked at holistic approaches to oral health, specifically revealing oil pulling as one of the most effective natural health approaches in promoting health teeth and gums. Having been used for centuries as a traditional remedy in Eastern cultures, oil pulling is said to be beneficial in preventing heart disease, reducing inflammation, soothing throat dryness or soreness, improving acne, preventing cavities and more.

As bacteria in your mouth can be a starting point for many diseases in the body, oil pulling is a working preventative measure that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Simply pour the oil into your mouth, swish and swirl for five minutes, and spit and rinse. According to popular Australian brand Keeko, not only does the act of oil pulling cleanse your mouth and increase your overall health but it also naturally whitens your teeth and gives you a killer smile.

To make things even easier, Keeko offers 100 per cent organic, vegan, NON GMO and cruelty free products that provide an enjoyable way to look after your oral health. With Coconut Oil Pulling sachets ranging in flavour from Morning Mint (spearmint and peppermint) through Citrus Burst (lemon, lime and pink grapefruit) to Sweet Sensation (vanilla coco with a hint of cinnamon), what’s not to love!