Kerrie Erwin, Psychic and Medium

When information is obtained from the subconscious by spontaneous or involuntary writing, this is called ‘automatic writing’. Initial efforts usually result in illegible and disorganised scribbling impossible to understand but with practice anything is possible.

As you develop your own psychic awareness, your skill will improve. It may take time, but remember patience is a virtue. When you first begin you may just get words before phrases and then sentences. You may even start with figures or symbols. Listen only to the loving and caring voice that you hear within your mind, as this is the energy and entities that come from the divine source or what we call the ‘light’. Any thought or voice that sounds harsh, negative and angry, or comes with a ‘not right energy or feel’ needs to be sent back into the light and is not the energy we are looking for. Have patience and remember the old saying ‘practice makes perfect’.

Years ago, while in meditation, I was able to draw a picture of my own spirit guide, White Feather, who gently spoke to me through my ear chakras. This was an incredible experience and I not only got to know and see what my guide looked like but also from that day forward, was able to develop a loving and trusting friendship. Some of us may even go on to develop our writing to another level on the computer or even go on to do something more important, like helping find missing articles.

Like everything when working with the spirit world, automatic writing requires time, patience, meditation and a safe serene atmosphere in which to work with. I always prepare and clear my space with white light, sage or incense burning to create the type of space I need.

1) Sit in a comfortable position where you will not be disturbed (your own sacred space would be ideal) and light a candle. Make sure you are sitting up as to keep your chakras in alignment, a good solid chair with a back is a good idea.

2) Bring down your protection of white light and wrap it all around you. Now centre yourself by breathing in and out, relaxing the whole body and emptying your mind of any clutter or worries from the day. Remember this is a special time for you, soon you will be able to hear words or have a feeling of words that you want to write down.

At the top of your paper, you may want to ask a question that you need help with.

3) Now close your eyes and meditate on the question in your mind’s eye, holding your pen in your normal writing hand, or have your finger ready on the computer keys.

When you begin to get the information begin to write it down. If it is too fast ask your spirit guides to slow it down. Imagine that someone else is controlling your pen or even guiding your hand.

4) When you feel the session is finished, thank your spirit guide and angel helpers for their assistance. Now, close down by gently imagining all your chakras or energy centres like little lights that are turning off. When you have finished doing that, imagine yourself anchoring to mother earth and bring yourself back into the room.

You may not be successful the first few times, but like anything this process takes practice. Over time your pen will flow freely and you will be amazed at what you get. As you continue you will improve and begin to get words, messages and even stories.

Love and Blessings,
Kerrie Erwin


Q: Jenny, 1959 – Why am I SO drawn to the UK? I feel like I belong there somehow. I am Australian but lived there for 30 years. Now I’m back in Sydney, something keeps drawing me back, a strong pull. I would love to know why. It feels more than just because of friends.

A: I see you visiting there but not living. It was a large part of your life and is still very much a part of you, as you have left a large part of you there and need to call it back. You have also had past lives there. I feel Australia is where you will live and belong as it is easier. You need to cut the ties there and allow the new opportunities around you to come in and flow. Life is about reinvention and trying new things. It’s all part of your journey.