If you are planning a winter getaway that will entice the entire family, or even a romantic break for two, then look no further than the incredible Jamala Wildlife Lodge! Just a short drive away, located in Canberra, Jamala offers the perfect oasis of the natural world but in total luxury. With something to be enjoyed by everyone this is an experience not to be missed!

Jamala offers the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of close encounters with some of the world’s most dangerous and endangered animals, as well as relaxing in the unique atmosphere of its three individually designed five star accomodation hubs; Giraffe Treehouses, Jungle Bungalows and uShaka Lodge. The African inspired suits lie in the heart of the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra and epitomise style and comfort. The combination of opulent surroundings, incredible animal encounters and gourmet cuisine alongside Jamala’s five star hospitality ensures that all guests share in a once in a lifetime experience during their stay.

Since opening in December 2014, the addition of Jamala Wildlife Lodge has been a significant step in bolstering the programs that are run by the National Zoo. The overarching mission is that the funds from Jamala will allow the zoo to continue to grow and support its breeding program. Jamala aims to have their guests appreciate the magnificence and importance of the animal kingdom and believe that the most effective way to do so is by getting them as close to the animals as the animals feel comfortable with.

Sydney Observer chatted to Jamala Wildlife Lodge’s Business Manager, Russell Jackson, about why this overnight zoo experience is a must-visit for the whole family and how they are committed to protecting the future of the animal kingdom.

What can a family expect from their stay at Jamala Wildlife Lodge? Families staying at Jamala will meet many of the most amazing and endangered species on earth and learn how they can help their survival. Our inclusive room rates include overnight accomodation, breakfast, afternoon tea, a five course dinner and exclusive tours.

Jamala’s special “Family Fridays” cater for families with children four years and older. Kids can enjoy an earlier meal time then go on a fun Aquarium tour with one of our guides while mum and dad enjoy their meal!

What sets Jamala apart from other zoo experiences? Jamala Wildlife Lodge is the ultimate overnight safari. The spectacular accomodation allows guests to enjoy breathtaking animal encounters and sleep next to some of the most endangered and powerful animals in the world, including lions, tigers, bears and giraffe.

How does Jamala contribute to helping protect the future of the animal kingdom? The National Zoo & Aquarium is contributing heavily to a large number of breeding programs that can help save a number of animals from extinction. Jamala contributes funds that will allow the zoo to continue to grow its contribution to helping protect the future of the animal kingdom. Jamala and its programs have also been designed to maximise the opportunity to subtly impress on its guests that everything possible should be done to ensure these magnificent animals must survive in the wild.