Discover South Africa

Hanna Moore

South Africa provides a fascinating mix of experiences for the eager traveller, from up-close wildlife adventures, to pristine coasts and thriving cities, this destination has it all. The high season (Nov-March) is generally the busiest time. However, for optimum wildlife watching conditions, and perhaps fewer tourists, the best time to go is from April-May and September-October. This is when the summer weather has begun to ease and the flights are often cheaper, with the most expensive being during peak period. It’s also often cheaper to fly via Johannesburg when travelling anywhere else in South Africa.

Cape Town – If the gorgeous coastline is anything to go by, it’s clear why Cape Town is often the number one on any list detailing the best of South Africa. With an abundance of restaurants and natural wonders extending beyond the coastline, the city offers a rare combination of sights that would give any traveller itchy feet. The most noteworthy destination experience is trekking to the top of the city-defining Table Mountain. For adrenaline seekers, Cape Xtreme also offer travellers the experience of abseiling down the mountain starting from 130AUD (R1288).

Another must-do for anyone seeking the outdoors is to see the wildlife up-close. Kabura Travel & Tours offer a full day private tour of a wildlife safari from Cape Town. This tour gives travellers the opportunity to see the ‘Big Five’ of wildlife as well as the countryside bordering the city. From 487.91AUD (R4833.60) the 9-hour day includes lunch and stop at a winery for wine and cheese pairings as well as a private guide.

Johannesburg – The vibrant city of Johannesburg offers a glimpse into South African history as well as the growing future. First stop for anyone who wishes to delve deeper into the chilling political history is the Apartheid Museum. The museum explores the rise and fall of an era of great suffering and oppression through carefully orchestrated texts, audio and live accounts. It’s an invaluable learning experience in understanding the past and present of South Africa.

If you’re wanting to explore more of the emerging inner city treasures, the Maboneng Precinct is an urban neighbourhood where one can enjoy a variety of live music, interesting eateries, arts and crafts, and unique stores. A walking tour of the Precinct exploring the arts and crafts markets can be purchased from 166AUD (R1644).

KwaZulu-Natal – Breaking free from the urban landscapes can be the best way to truly experience the beauty of South Africa. KwaZulu-Natal offers a charming rural atmosphere and picturesque countryside with rich historical roots in authentic local heritage. Starting in the city of Durban and extending into the province of KwaZulu-Natal, full day tours can be purchased 155AUD (R1535) from 1st Zulu Safaris. This includes experiences in witnessing and learning about the Zulu culture by visiting a local village and meeting with a the sangoma, or traditional healer and an experience traditional Zulu dancing.

Costs – The exchange rate in South Africa is 1 AUD to roughly 9.86 South African Rand (R). Depending on the kind of trip, budgets can average from a lower-end of around R1000 to the higher end of around R2000-2500. This would include accommodation, food, travel between destinations and admission to attractions.