Chatting with Peter Knox

Sabrina Muysken chats with Peter Knox, of Knox Family Real Estate, about the current North Shore real estate climate, the Jenman System, and how this approach will likely get the very best price for your home.

What is the Jenman System?
PK: The Jenman System itself is client and customer based. There are three main pillars of the Jenman System; ethics, values and client care. We promise not to put any person or property into the public auction pressure cooker. We promise not to cheapen their property or put it at risk by holding an open for inspection, as we believe that every inspection should be personally escorted by us. Concerning advertising and promotion, we believe that an agent “should put their money where their mouth is” and not the sellers money. For advertising, sign boards, brochures, photography and so on, we cover the lot! We also promise that every single buyer we bring through your property will be in a financial position to purchase that very day if they like it. Finally, we guarantee the price – if we can’t get you the price we quoted or more, you don’t have to pay us.

Why is it so effective compared to other selling styles?
PK: When it comes to buyers we like to treat them like VIP’s. Without a buyer you obviously can’t help either party. That’s really the primary difference in focus of the Jenman System and all the other systems that are out there at the moment. The Jenman System is focused on helping the buyer find their home and the seller achieve the best price.

What’s happening in the current North Shore property market?
PK: The market is strong; there is no question about it particularly so for new units in convenient locations. As people age they want to stay with their support structure and familiar surroundings. Up until relatively recently there hasn’t been enough of such properties for them; that is a good thing about the influx of apartment building on the North Shore.

What advice do you have to home owners getting ready to put their house on the market?
PK: Present your house as best you can, however, don’t go overboard. The old rule of 80/20 applies where if you spend 100 per cent on putting a new swimming pool, you will probably only get 80% of it back. Gardens are also important and it is worth investing in your gardens and lawns looking beautiful. Also make your home as decluttered, airy and light as possible to instil a sense of space, comfort, ease and happiness.

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