Sabrina Muysken

Sydney Observer’s resident spirtual medium Kerrie Erwin has released her latest book – Sacred Space: Finding Harmony with Feng Shui. Kerrie’s sixth publication takes an in-depth look at the power of the ancient Chinese practise of feng shui and how implementing simple exercises into your home can bring about positive life change. Your home, as Kerrie explains, is your foundation in life and an appreciation of this space with undoubtedly improve your general wellbeing. With practical advice and case studies from her own psychic practice, Sacred Space sets the reader down a new path towards finding inner peace.

Some of the key advice from Kerrie Erwin’s feng shui guide include:

Clear Your Space: Unnecessary clutter in your home (or workplace) is thought to impede on the natural flow of energy resulting in unwanted blockages. These blockages slow down the natural chi energies moving through your space and impact your wellbeing by causing tiredness, lack of energy and general feelings of discomfort.

Kerrie’s solution involves clearing out all clutter including worn-out clothes, uninspiring art and any broken iteams. She also encourages smoking or ‘smudging’ each room with some sage or dried gum leaves to clear the house of any negative energies. It is thought that the smoke attaches itself to negativity and as the smoke leaves the house so does the undersirable enrgy.

Enhance Positive Energy: Feng shui literally translates to wind-water and is a way of allowing its followers to live in peaceful harmony with their surroundings. often referred to as the ancient art of placement, feng shui uses special cures to inspire, create and encourage positive life experience. Thoughtfully placed mirrors, wind chimes and fresh flowers are all great ways of encouraging a healthy flow of chi energy. 

Heal Yourself of Negative Patterns: Falling into negative or repetitive patterns is unfortunately an all to easy pitfall of life. Whether these patterns pertain to relationships, health, home or work they can have serious side effects to your mental wellbeing and ability to move forward.

Kerrie says, “A toxic build-up of hatred, fear and negative enregy can make you feel sick and miserable.” These destructive emotions can also quickly disconnect you from your goals, hopes and dreams.

In you journey to feng shui your home, and ultimately your life, addressing and healing these hindering patterns is key. Kerrie suggests using daily affirmations, vision boards and meditation as a way of overcoming them and manifesting the life you desire. 

‘Sacred Space: Finding Harmony with Feng Shui’ by Kerrie Erwin is available now.