Alex Dalland

If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, don’t buy Dad socks and underwear.

A survey conducted in the lead up to Father’s Day this Sunday by ReachTEL found that just one in ten Aussie dads want new underwear for Father’s Day, while nearly thirty per cent would prefer a gift voucher. Other top gifts included power tools (18.5 per cent) and concert or sporting tickets (17.1 per cent).

Kids are shelling out more for their dads as well, if Father’s Day in the US earlier this year is anything to go by. The US-based survey by Prosper Insight and Analytics predicted Father’s day spending to reach US$14.3 billion dollars (AU$19 billion), the highest in the survey’s 13 year history but still well below Mother’s Day spending at US$21 billion (AU$28 billion). And when it comes to what they bought, 43 per cent went for clothing, 40 per cent picked gift cards while nearly half took their Dad out for a special meal.

“After seeing consumers splurge on mums earlier this year, it’s no surprise that dads are going to enjoy a few more gifts on Father’s Day,” Prosper Principal Analyst Pam Goodfellow said.

“No matter what sales or promotions consumers will take advantage of on Father’s Day, they will make sure that the gift is a memorable one for dad.”