Kerrie Erwin

Part of my life’s work as a psychic medium is releasing earth bound spirits. Earth bound spirits are not able, or don’t want to pass over for a number of reasons. The death may have been accidental and they don’t want to leave, or there is a fear of crossing over. Sometimes religious beliefs may hold someone back if they have done something bad and think they are going to hell. There could also be obsessive love or greed for the material world and earthly possessions.

Earth bound spirits generally congregate, or are found, around large groups of people (hospitals, railway, shopping centres, airport, schools, or homes where they once lived). They are rarely found in a lonely home like what we see in the movies, as they live off living energy. If you do have an unwanted visitor in your home, it will not go unnoticed, as you will have quite a few issues.

Some of the issues or problems you may encounter include:

1. Your home will feel ice cold and unpleasant in certain areas and no matter what you do, the energy will be heavy
and unbearable to live in.
2. Most of the family living there will feel tired, have colds, or unexplained illness. They will also feel stuck in their lives.
3. There may be continual fights, arguments or disagreements because of the imbalance of the energy in the house.
4. It will be impossible to sell or make changes to the house because of constant delays.
5. You may have frustrating/unexplained continual problems with electricity or water.
6. There may be unusual sounds, knocks, things disappearing, strange smells and constant confusion, for no apparent or logical reason.

If you have at least two of the above problems it is more than likely you will have a lost spirit or ghost in your home. In most cases the spirit is actually more terrified of you than the other way around.

Smudging and gum leaves are like fly spray for these spirits. Smudging is a spiritual process and an ancient custom used by shamans and indigenous people of certain parts of the world. It involves clearing any negative or stuck energy in the home by giving it a good sage or smoking.

To do this, mix some dried sage and dried gum leaves together in a pot before burning the mix and allowing the strong pungent smoke to clear any negative energy. Be sure to walk through every room and allow the smoke to weave through the space.

Once any negative or heavy energy leave, the space will feel lighter allowing good chi energy to return again. Some like to use a bell after they cleanse to welcome the positive energy back in.

Many people are affected by negative energy in their home, space or workplace as negative energy can drain your vitality, leaving you feeling depressed. In some cases, if left for long periods, it can make you feel quite ill and stop good things coming to you in your life.

If you have cleared your space and are still having problems, you need to call in a professional medium trained in this department. I often go to clients homes to do this work, but if they live too far away I can remove spirits and negative energies with a phone call as well.