This month Catholic schools across the North Shore will celebrate Catholic Schools Week (CSW) from March 6 to 12 with a host of activities and events designed to highlight the theme of ‘I belong. You belong. We belong’.

The theme aligns itself with the Catholic Church’s strong focus on supporting refugees and asylum seekers, ultimately encouraging the need to develop a more compassionate global community. The theme of belonging also ties nicely in with the Catholic Church’s celebration of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy that centers on pardon, strength and love.

CSW is an initiative designed to increase the public’s awareness of the great strengths of Catholic schools whilst highlighting the Catholic education sector’s significant contribution to NSW and Australia as a whole. It is a time to reflect on the role of Catholic schools within society and the choice they provide for parents.

The week will set out to provide all students with the opportunity to share with the broader community the positive things happening in their schools.

Catholic Schools Week takes place 6-12 March.