Sabrina Muysken

The results are in. Here are the top wellness trends that will have us all talking this year!

Goodbye pilates, hello barre

While last year pilates dominated the exercise industry, this year ‘barre’ classes are set to take centre stage. As our obsession for leaner, longer limbs continues, fitness experts are looking back to traditional methods of exercise such as ballet. The barre workout is based around the fundamentals of ballet barre work by incorporating flexibility and strengthening exercises. Barre is said to be a complete body work out that will leave you feeling as toned and sculpted as a ballerina.

Meet your matcha

Meet the trendiest Japanese green tea, matcha. With detoxifying qualities matcha is generally whisked into hot water to make green tea, however can just as easily be blended into your daily juice or smoothie. Full of antioxidants, matcha helps aid digestion, boost metabolism, burn calories, lower blood sugar levels and improve overall gut health.

Seaweed is the new kale

Finally cottoning on to the kale trend? Well this superfood has officially been surpassed by an unsightly underwater plant, seaweed. Known for being extremely nutrient rich, seaweed is full of beneficial sea minerals. The plant’s bioactive substances are your answer to healthier looking skin, hair and nails.

Veggetti about it!

For a long time leading health practitioners and dietitians have warned us off ‘bad carbs’ and refined grains. Studies have revealed them to be less satisfying, weight gainers and key causes of inflammation. Enter the vegetable spaghetti, ‘veggetti’, craze. Spiral shaped cutters that handle similar to cheese graters are selling out nation wide. These nifty gadgets take any vegetables from zucchini to carrot, turning them into a bowl of spaghetti shaped goodness. Paired with your traditional pasta sauces, this trend is a healthy take on popular Italian dishes.