Sabrina Muysken

Whether you are diligently monitoring those pesky wrinkles, fighting off stubborn adult acne, or genetically blessed with natural radiance staying ahead in the healthy skin game is vital.

That being said, the reality is our gender counterparts rarely share that same frivolous excitement when trialling the latest skincare products. So we have narrowed it down to the best, multi-functional products. No five-step routines or expensive serums here.

The Aromatherapy Company’s ‘Therapy Man’ Hair & Body Wash, $23.95.
Therapy Man_500ml Hair & Body Wash Therapy Man_Hair & Body Wash 30ml
This nifty shower companion works to cleanse, invigorate, and rejuvenate your hair and your body. Suffering hair loss? It contains natural Cypress that helps improve scalp circulation and regeneration.

The Aromatherapy Company’s ‘Therapy Man’ Face & Body Balm, $23.95.
Therapy Man_500ml Face & Body Balm Therapy Man_Face & Body Balm 30ml
No need to let those creams and serums collect any more dust on your bathroom sink. This product nourishes, soothes, and protects your face and your body. The natural essential oil of sandalwood helps to eliminate redness and inflammation.

BM Costmetics For Men BB Cream, $54.95. Cosmetics are not just for women.
Part cosmetics, part skincare; this is an Anti-Aging Cream that promotes firmness whilst evening out your skin tone with a subtle hint of colour.