Landart Landscapes

With organic, health eating on the rise Matt Leacy and the Landart team have seen an increase in households creating their own veggie gardens or micro herb beds.

“A lot of our clients are families, and there’s nothing nicer than being able to show your kids first hand where their veg and salad comes from. And watching an edible garden grow also encouraged kids to want to pic and eat their greens,” says Matt.

Whether you’re into entertaining at home or you would just like to provide your family with the freshest possible produce, growing your own food and produce is an achievable option.

Edible Microgreens
Beyond veggie gardens, coming into 2016 Matt says microgreens will be a noticeable outdoor trend, whether it’s just a single row of microgreens or an entire section of your edible garden.

These tiny sprouts are packed with nutrition and are super easy to grow (they take less than two weeks to go from seed to table). Just pick and eat!

Microgreens appeal to the growing focus on organic living and the sourcing of our own products. In an age where provenance and knowing what is going into our body is growing at a rapid rate these little herbs offer tremendous benefits.

Matt says, “I feel like growing an edible garden not only provides nourishment for the body, but also the mind. Gardening is therapeutic, and there’s great satisfaction from growing what you eat.”

Matt’s Top Tips:
1. Find a sunny windowsill – These little beauties need sunlight
2. Don’t forget drainage. Select a tray at least 1.5 inches deep, with drain holes
3. Use a seed starting mix
4. Think beyond lettuce. Try red amaranth (Chinese spinach, argula (salad rocket), broccoli, and mustard greens.
5. Scatter seeds about one-eighth to a quarter inch apart
6. Skip fertilizer
7. Mist, and don’t overwater
8. Harvest
9. Repeat